The Society of the Sacred Mission is an Anglican Religious community of men and women who live under the traditional conditions of poverty, celibacy and obedience. Some make a commitment to the Society for life, others for a limited number of years. Most members of the Society live in community

Associates of the Society support the aims of the Society, and actively share in its work. Associates may be men or women, married or single, and need not be Anglican.

Companions of the Society are men and women who support its aims without being closely related to any of its works. The Society seeks to encourage them to persevere more devotedly in commitments already made, in baptism, marriage or ordination.

The object of the Society is expressed in its motto: Ad Gloriam Dei in eius Voluntate - "To the glory of God in the doing of his will." Members of the Society are those who intended and desire to sacrifice their lives after the example and with the aid of the Holy Angels for the promotion of God's glory by the performance of God's will.

In particular, the Society's aims are to increase the number of those who give their lives to God's Service, especially by training and supporting those who would not otherwise have the opportunity;  to help people to grow in their Christian faith and commitment; and to support and encourage theological study and reflection.

The Society Of the Sacred Mission is a registered charity .