The central feature and crowning glory of the Great Chapel at Kelham was a life size Rood - Christ on the cross, with figures of Mary and John - by Charles Sargeant Jagger, completed in 1928. It is an impressive work of art and a powerful statement of Christian faith.

Jagger is quoted as saying that the rood was a product of a vision that he had. "It was after the war, and I had been out at at the Dardanelles. Like a good many other people I was pretty well knock off my balance by the whole ghastly business - the waste, the brutality, the appalling suffering that it entailed. To me it simply did not make sense. I was embittered and puzzled. The question of what human life meant..." With a deliberate realism the artist has spared us nothing of 'the barbarous cruelty of the business'. In the face of Christ the artist has tried to express the Son of Man's triumph through suffering.

When the Society left Kelham in 1973, the figures were taken to the Willen Priory in Milton Keynes. In 2002 the figures were removed and  and restored, and a new site for the Rood is now being considered.